Jonathan & Mary Anne Dayao

jonathan-mary anne-dayao

Date: October 24, 2009
Venue: Manila Peninsula
Stylist: Victorian Blooms by Badang Rueda
Photographer: Fol Rana
Videographer: Shierdan Pamintuan
Gown: Pitoy Moreno
Cake: Joy San Gabriel

For Jonathan and Claire wedding..Badang Rueda created a different look for the Rigodon Ballroom of Manila Peninsula , creating oohs and aahs as the guests came in. It was a great night, with great music provided by Manila Philharmonic Orchestra, 92ad and On Air Band…truly one wedding you won’t forget..:)

Jonathan and Claire made sure the guests had a fill of the sumptuous sit down dinner and yummy dessert buffet spread specially created by Manila Peninsula for the couple.

The guests partied the night away with great upbeat music by On Air Band. Each guests got to take home pictures from Baicapture and a luscious tin can of cheesecake from Joy San Gabriel

Congratulations again to Jonathan and Claire for making sure the guests had an unforgettable and wonderful evening :))

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