Barry & Grace Samson


Date: December 9, 2009
Venue: Bellevue Hotel
Photographer & Videographer: Wally Gonzales
Gown: Frederick Peralta

Barry & Grace Delos Reyes Samson’s 3D AVP montage shown during the reception at Bellevue. The montage is just one of several AVP’s shown during the reception. It also includes a video on site by cool guy Wally Gonzalez ..:)

The ceremony was held at St James the Great which served as a perfect venue for my lovely and glamorous bride Grace delos Reyes and equally dashing and dapper Barry Samson. Both have great bods and it perfectly matched the fabulous bridal attire all created for them by no other than the master “Frederick Peralta”.

Heavy silver rosaries flown in from China , were also given as giveaway gifts for all the guests that also reflects the couples religious side. Very significant in a way and something that you will really keep and treasure :))

It’s been great we are part of all the wedding preps and of course the Big Day. They both look liked they stepped out of a wedding fashion magazine that day and I’m really so proud of you both :)) very fashionista the way they carried their respective gowns and suit….Congratulations to you both again :))

All the Best to Barry and Grace :))

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