Adrian & Cristina Azana

Adrian-Cristina Azana
Date: November 20, 2010
Church: Santuario de San Antonio
Reception Venue: Sofitel-Sunset Pavillion
Photographer & Videographer: Randal of Mango Red and Bob Nicolas
Styling: Robert Blancaflor
Lights & Sound system: Sensitivity
Bridal And Entourage Attire: Rajo Laurel
Projectors: Imax
Photobooth: Those Guys

Fireworks display, a mean Tango for a 1st Dance, awesome MTV video of the couple as directed by Bob Nicolas, heartwarming speeches, trivia film clips, sumptous buffet food by Sofitel, cool band performers……this wedding simply is tops with great entertainment and production value…The hands on groom Aidz Azana truly ensured everything will go as perfectly planned as possible :))

Adrian and Cristina: MTV from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

Adrian and Cristina from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.