Bong & Kristina Medel

Date: December 3, 2010
Church: St. Therese Liseux
Reception Venue: Palacio de Maynila
Photographer & Videographer: Pat Dy and Ian Cruz
Over all Styling: Badang Rueda
Lights & Sound system: Sensitivity
Musicians: 3rd Avenue Band
Catering: Hizon’s
Host: Mr. Luiz Manzano

The first time I met couple, Bong Medel and Kristina Sales, it was already a done deal coz i like them so much already. Something about Bong Medel’s easy going vibes and Kristina’s charming ways , made me feel like their long time friends ……of mine. :) Bong, who is always ready to make lambing whenever he haggles for prices always gets away with it…..thanks to his …ahem….perennially smiling eyes :))

When he said Luis Manzano is his Best Man. I have to ask if its the same Luis …a.k.a Lucky Manzano? He said yes and even said he will host the program too. So, how lucky can I get right ? No need to rehearse a Luis Manzano who is a most sought after events host himself. You’d even think he’s a brag but nah….Luis is I think, the humblest ever showbiz personality i have ever worked with. I guess, Ninang Ate Vi really raised him oh so well :)

Who can ever go wrong with Badang Rueda’s styling of Palacio De Maynila, as his centerpieces towered inside the tent and lent a classy feel to the event, with lighting effects by Sensitivity.

Most Sought after photog, Pat Dy and cool videog Ian Cruz covered the event with so much ease, it feels like were not working at all :) Both onsites were heavily applauded.

Of course, Hizon’s catering made sure the food was sumptuous enough for all the guests.

Highlight was the group Dance Nos of the Groom with his cohorts–best men and groomsmen dancing to a synchronized dance nos to the tune of careless whisper remixed with Billy Jean ..of course complete with phedora hats :)

As Luis Manzano kept the crowd in stitches with his humour, the couple truly looked so relaxed all thoughout the night as they got to enjoy the entire wedding day, all their own. Congratulations once again to this amazing couple :))

Bong + Kristina from IANCRUZ Films on Vimeo.

We couldn’t have done it without you Kutchie =) thanks a lot for making our special day perfect =)
-Bong Medel via FB

Thank you so much Kutchie and to the Getting Married team for a worry free/stress free wedding day! Couldn’t have done it without you! Everything seemed to be so perfect thanks to you! you’ll never be forgotten!
-Kristina Sales via FB