Jardine & Gen Gerodias

Date: July 9, 2011
Venue: Tagaytay Midlands
Official Photos: Mango Red
Official Video: Threelogy
Event Styist: Teddy Manuel
Bridal Gown: Cary Santiago
Groom’s Suit : Francis Libiran
Hair & Make Up: Lindsay Co-Alog
Cake: The Bunny Maker
Projectors: MG Digital
Invitation: Electrolychee
Music: Nyoy Volante & The Ronnies with Cookie Chua
Lights & Sounds: Sensitivity
Fireworks: Dragon Fireworks
AVP’s : Mind Bullet

First time I met Jardine and Gen, I was just my usual cool self in answering their normal queries. I never had a hint , nor an inkling , I’d be soon working with an extraordinary couple :) As the turnover days, began to get nearer, my usual cool self , suddenly paid closer attention to the mind boggling details they have prepared. To put it simply,Jardine & Gen worked super hard to make their wedding as unique, unconventional and as exciting as possible. I mean where in the world did Jardine, get all his rare music vintage lists ive never heard of , cassette tapes as placecards or even possibly thinking of putting up a visual personal vow to his bride all complete with illustration board while saying his vows !! The list can go on and It was absolutely crazy and funny !! Needless to say, it was a labor of love from the couple, relatives and friends who helped out with all the details . I’m bowled over by the elements coming into play come wedding day and so without any words, the entire wedding team worked hard to execute and deliver all their planning as perfectly as possible. End result, was a wedding, which the couple truly enjoyed. We had fun too and the most unforgettable of all to me are the couple themselves since inspite of all the details going on, they have always remained cool and just trusted their wedding suppliers :) It was unbelievable how they managed to remain calm and having fun at the same time !!!! Again, i get lucky to have worked with Jardine & Gen :) What else can they think of next ??? Well… Watch out for this awesome couple !!! :))

Couple’s Video – Jardine + Gen Gerodias from themindbullets.com on Vimeo.

Featured on Bridal Book:
Jardine & Gen Gerodias on Bridal Book

Featured on Manila Bulletin on Celebrations Issue (Thursday, October 20, 2011)

Weaved together by the brilliant Kutchie Zaldarriaga and her team! We can’t thank you enough. :)

Thank you so much Kutchie and to the rest of your team for the awesome assistance! :) All painstakingly and cumbersome details were planned in the thought of not only sharing our interests but paying homage and saying goodbye to our youth that we have held on to for so long. Planning is one huge thing, but to execute and implement it effectively and as seamless as possible is ANOTHER thing. You guys helped us immensely and we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. :) Also, having a legendary wedding does not mean getting all expensive and popular suppliers — talent and creatively is key, and as long as couples know what they stand for and know who they are, everything else falls into place. :). Your words on this blog touched us immensely more so in guiding us through the whole ordeal–thats why it was so easy for us to let loose because we know we are in good hands. You were our only choice and we were very happy that we didn’t look for anyone else. We’ll see you at our cousin Somerie’s wedding soon! we can’t wait to see what you can come up next! (hugs)

-Gen Enriquez-Gerodias via FB

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