Reposting from my couple Faith and Patrick. Thank you so much for this long Write up.

We appreciate it so much Rosalyne Faith Santos

Coordinator: Ms. Kutchie Zaldarriaga of Getting Married Philippines

Ms. Kutchie is the wonder woman of the wedding industry. When you engage her services, you don’t just get the coordination, you get her network and her expertise. Because she is well known in the industry, she is able to command leadership from other suppliers and you’ll notice that they truly respect her.

Ms. Kutchie is a really busy person but you do not have to worry because she manages her time very well. Patrick said one of the things he liked most about her is whenever she speaks about our wedding to the suppliers, she owns it and says “my wedding”. Ms. Kutch may not notice it, but it actually gives the couple a feeling of assurance that she is taking ownership and full responsibility of the event.

Ms. Kutchie is also a classy lady that is why she has good taste when it comes to planning. But despite that, she is not intimidating to talk to. She’s very easy and fun to deal with. She’ll share funny stories during meetings and will give you very helpful tips.

Ms. Kutchie’s team also didn’t let me down. They were very organized. They were on time. They knew what to do without needing to be told. They worked behind the scenes and did not stress me with any issues on the day (that is if there were any, which up to now I don’t know but I’m sure nothing goes 100% as planned). I remember Bob Nicolas tipped Patrick about Santuario’s church door being difficult to open at times, so Patrick mentioned that to Ms. Kutchie a
few days prior, then Patrick told me he saw Kutchie’s team spraying WD40 on the nails and bolts of Santuario’s door before I arrived, LOL!

I still remember what Ms. Kutchie said in one of our meetings – “kung magaling yung coordinator mo, di ka dapat masstress sa wedding.” Well, I slept early, woke up at 6:45am without any alarm, had my usual morning coffee, chatted so long with my hair and make up artists, sang to music during preps, laughed with family and friends, and enjoyed my wedding without thinking about needing to give cues, needing to message someone, or needing to bring stuff. I WASN’T STRESSED AT ALL. I was a happy bride who got to enjoy her wedding without any worry, and I guess that’s a testimony to how excellent Ms. Kutchie’s team is as coordinators. Special thanks to Abby, too, my personal assistant on the day. She’s like Ms. Kutchie’s mini version, very competent and effective!
Once again Ms. Kutch, thank you for all your help. We made the right choice of hiring your services. You made us enjoy the experience. You are worth every cent, well probably more.

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Ms. Kutchie Zaldarriaga