December Weddings with Ms. Kutchie Blog by Bob Nicolas

Im so happy to get a notice from Marilette Pamintuan Nicolas, the wife of Bob Nicolas to tell me that they posted a blog on our December weddings. So touched with this post as it was unexpected. Just the same , im so happy with this compilation of our beautiful December weddings together. Its always a joy to work with Bob and his team. Thank you so much Bob and Marilette. More weddings for 2012 .

To us, like to most wedding suppliers, December just flew by ever so quickly. Being the wedding-month-of-choice for Filipinos, our workload spikes up during December. And we all know that time flies when we’re busy.

But with more weddings mean more opportunities to work with our supplier friends — one of which is Kutchie.

Kutchie is a wedding planner extraordinaire. The founder of Getting Married Philippines, she’s been with us (and have trusted us) from the very start – way back when we’re still unknowns in the business. (Thank you, Kutchie. )

Just last weekend, Kutchie celebrated her 10th year in the industry… and the party was a blast! Being an event planner and a Bulekena at that, she really knows how to throw a party — hopefully, the AVP’s we made helped too. :-D Family and friends were there for much merriment and celebration — Kutchie deserves it all. :-D

Now we present Kutchie’s December weddings that we were able to cover showcasing…

… a bride jokingly called by her mom as “lasenggera”
… a wedding in one of the finest culinary arts school in the country
… a fraternity paddle making a cameo during preps
… a wedding covered by our second team


Daniel And April

Daniel and April from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

Paul and Johanan

Paul and Johanan from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

Melvin and Diana

Melvin and Diana from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

Joey and Ana

Joey and Ana from Bob Nicolas Wedding Films on Vimeo.

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