Mico & Leah Cruz

Date: August 24, 2013
Planning & Coordination : Kutchie Zaldarriaga of Getting Married
Church: Santuario de San Jose
Venue:) One Esplanade
Photo: Ian Santillan
Video : Bob Nicolas
Caterer: Kaye Cunanan Gonzales
Bridal Attire: Edwin D. Tan
Styling: Scenta Flora
Hair & Make Up: Georginna Desuasido
Band: 3rd Ave
Lights & Sounds:Sensitivity Lights Sounds
Emcee: Eri Neeman
Cake: Hearts & Bells
Bridal car: Don Roberts
Cocktail Bar: Event Shaker
DJ: Niki Rojas

Photo onsite by Ian Santillan

Dear Ms Kutchie

Ms Kutchie, when we first met in 2011 it was not a difficult decision for me to pick you as our wedding coordinator. You were supremely competent, absolutely professional and refreshingly fun.

The circumstances of Mico and myself were unique – we’ve been civilly married since 2009, living together in Sydney since 2010 and planned to “re-marry” in 2013, on exactly the day we first met. Given these circumstances, we were looking for a coordinator who understood that we were looking to celebrate our love in a grand manner, in the company of family and friends. We were looking for a team who could execute our vision to have a fun, genuine, joyous and vibrant wedding celebration. Ms Kutchie, you and your Getting Married team delivered what we were looking for – and much more.

Through your impeccable organization, keen attention to detail and genius strategy of working hand-in-hand with Mico and myself (including several intense meetings until late evening with you and Che Che at Crisanta Condo) – you gave me the wedding day that each bride dreams of from the day she imagines herself in her wedding dress walking down the aisle. You gave Mico the celebration each groom hopes for the day he meets the girl of his dreams.

You and the Getting Married team helped us relive the kilig moments of our college dating days. You gave Mico butterflies in his stomach before Dang and AJ opened the doors of San Jose Church for his first look at his absolutely stunning and gushing bride. You brought to vibrant life the details, which were in my head and on pen and paper, for the bonggacious program I envisioned (which includes a bridal party entrance, mob dance and two couple dances).

We were already married. Yet you made us feel like we were saying “I do” for the very first time. Our wedding – of which you and the suppliers played a big part – made Mico and myself fall deeper in love.

Thank you Ms Kutchie, Che Che, Joy, AJ, Dang and the amazing girls of the Getting Married team. You understand that your industry is about helping two people express their love through a wedding day that is lovingly celebrated, always remembered and forever cherished.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.
We wish you every success. Lucky are the couples who, like us, will have the pleasure of working with all of you to make their dream wedding come true.

Yours sincerely,

Leah and Mico Cruz

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