How long have you been a wedding coordinator?

Getting Married is now on its 10th year and going strong.

Did you start your business from scratch or did you buy a business already setup?

We started from scratch and through referrals and word of mouth we were able to build a good client base.

Is this your full-time job or part-time job?

This is a full–time job.

Do you only do weddings or other special events?

We cater mostly to weddings but we also accept any social events like birthday parties especially debuts, anniversaries and lately some corporate events.

How many weddings do you do in a month?

The number of weddings we do per month depends on the month itself if for example it is a known popular month for weddings in the Philippines like Jan, May, June, July and December. But rest assured that we do not accept bookings that we cannot handle.

How many event managers do you bring with you to a wedding?

There will be 5 event managers and 1 Team leader so a total of 6 pax in all if the number of guests is 250 pax and below. Additional staff will be required in the nos. of guests starts to increase.

Do you personally attend every wedding?

We have two teams for every event. Team A and Team B. I am the team leader in Team A and another highly experienced senior team leader for Team B. Clients are always advised prior to booking which is the available team for their given date. It is encouraged to book early if a client wanted to get Team A for their wedding. But , I must say that Team B are equally competent as well.

What if you become ill or cannot come to the wedding? Who will stand in for you?

In case of illness or if something happens preventing my presence in the event,then a senior team leader of competent training and experience will be on hand to execute the event

How much is your fee for your services?

Please use the online inquiry form so we can send you a proposal.

If you charge for the initial meeting, is it applied to my cost of coordination should we hire you?

Initial Consultations are free and not charged at all.

Is there an extra charge for additional staff?

Yes, if the number of guests starts to exceed 300 pax, we start charging additional P 1,000.00 for every 100 guests added by the client. This will cover the necessary additional staff for the event.

Do you accept commissions, kickbacks or professional discounts from any vendors you refer?

This is a no no in our company policy as we adhere strictly to professionalism in our services. We have earned the respect of our co suppliers in the industry because of our credibility and trustworthiness in dealing with them especially on money matters whch is always transparent and no hidden commissions at all. Clients are assured they are getting a good price for every transaction and always at face value.

What is the largest wedding you’ve managed?

We have done most Chinese Weddings at 1000 guests and more..

Who signs the vendor contracts? Do we pay you the fee for the entire event and then you pay each vendor or do we contract with vendors separately?

Contracts are always presented to the client esp for Full Package account and is solely signed by the client. Client should have the direct control on payments and balances of suppliers. Client will have to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY to pay directly to the suppliers.

Getting Married is not obligated to pay the suppliers in behalf of the client. Getting Married will only provide the necessary bank details and payment terms of suppliers. Client will have to send proof of payment for us to be able to forward it to the concerned supplier. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO SEND US PROOF OF DEPOSIT SLIP/ PAYMENT SO THAT SUPPLIERS CAN VERIFY PAYMENT MADE IN THE BANK TO CONFIRM THE BOOKING. NO PROOF OF PAYMENT, NO BOOKING.

Are you present at all vendor meetings? Do you come to the food tasting?

Yes, but if in case of illness or something prevents me from attending, my personal secretary or senior team leader will represent me. Food Tasting is only for semi and full packages accounts.

How many hours does it take you to plan a wedding?

Planning a wedding is a step by step approach and many factors come into play. However deadlines are also advised to the client for faster facilitation of the wedding planning. Planning a wedding is faster depending on several factors like, if the budget is ready and available plus the decisiveness of the clients in deciding which suppliers to book. It is also helpful if a client knows exactly how they envision their wedding to be.

Do you make initial contact with all referred vendors and check price and availability or do you give us a list of vendors for us to call?

For On the Day Packages, pre –screened referrals are only given and its up to the client to set a meeting with them . Clients can however consult us by phone, text or email on questions with regards to supplier bookings.

For Full Packages, we check on price and availability of the supplier as well as get a proposed contract from them. We also negotiate on the price to get the most value for money for our client. A short list of vendors per category are also presented to clients to meet or choose from if meeting is not possible for abroad accounts. Meetings can also be arranged by us for presentation to the client.

How many hours are you on site the day of the wedding?

Our call time at the bridal suite is 5 hours before the ceremony time .Our work concludes once the reception program is done and proper turnover has been done to the point persons of the client. Normally we log a total of 12 to 14 hours every wedding event, as it covers the bridal suite, church and reception.

How do you communicate with each other during an event and are you in uniform?

Each staff is equipped with radio with headsets and yes they are appropriately attired in a uniform for every event. Motif color of the uniform depends on the color scheme of the wedding.

Will you bring an emergency kit?

Yes, this is very essential and it’s a luggage full of emergency stuff that might be needed by the client as emergency arises. This includes hairpins, pins, napkins, sewing kit some emergency medicines like Diatabs, Biogesic, etc.etc…the list can be endless.

Do you charge for expenses or travel?

Yes, we charge an out of town fee , outside of Metro Manila . The fee depends on how far the venue will be starting from Metro Manila area.

How are the payments structured? When are they due?

Deposits are made upon booking and we require 50% to block the date for you. The remaining 50% balance to be paid 2 weeks before the date.

What is the amount of the initial deposit?

Initial deposit is 50% to block the date.

What is your refund policy in case of cancellation?

In case of cancellations, postponements, refunds are not applicable As stated in the contract , all deposits will be forfeited in case of cancellations and./or postponements. As we have blocked the date for you, it will be an opportunity loss for us in such cases.

What won’t you help with?

Application for legal and church requirements are all care of client , which also includes submission of the necessary documents and legwork to submit legal and church requirements. For abroad accounts, it will be best to delegate the paper works to a relative or a point person authorized to represent the couple and handle their personal documents. GM will however help in monitoring the required documents for submission and deadlines.

It is advisable to check first the Philippine church and legal requirements before deciding on doing a wedding in the Philippines. There are a lot of paper works required most specially for foreigners getting married in the country.

Are you present at the rehearsal?

Yes, for Full Package accounts.

Will you help design the overall theme, decor and flow of the wedding ceremony & reception?

It is the task of a wedding planner to recommend ideas on theme and décor. If however budget permits, the services of a professional stylist or florist is highly recommended. Reception program are always conceptualized by us depending on the preference of the client. This makes for a smoother flow that will also reflect the personality of the couple.

Will you provide me with a detailed budget outline?

Yes, for Full Package accounts. A workbook will also be provided to guide the client on timeline and deadlines.

Will you assist with lodging arrangements for our out of town guests?

Yes, for Full Package accounts.

Can you pencil book a date?

Just to be fair for all client inquiries, we don’t pencil book dates. We only finalize a booking once the 50% downpayment has been given. It is always advisable to book early.

Do you accept only checks? Not cash?

For down payments we accept either cash or check. However for check payments we have to wait for the bank clearing before we finally block the date.

For balances, which is due a week before the date, it has to be made in cash. If the client is paying in check , the payment should be made 2 weeks before the date to allow clearing time.

What is dinner crew meal?

Crew Meal for dinner is the lower pegged plated crew meal that our client orders for the wedding crew. This is provided either by the hotel or the caterer. A headcount will be provided by the planner to the client to initiate the ordering of such. Take note that there will be crew that will require plated crew meal , while some will require cash allowances. It is the task of the planner to provide the breakdown to the client.

What is the lunch allowance included in the GM contract that states P200.00 cash allowance per coordinator? This is separate from the dinner plated crew meal?

The lunch cash allowance which is P200 .00 per coordinator or a total of P 1,000.00 for a crew of 5 are for the preparation time at the suite and reception. We require cash allowance for lunch since the crew are split up during the prep period. There will be staff going directly to the reception set up , while others will be assigned at the suite. Hence, it is more practical to just add on the lunch allowance in the contract price.

Dinner crew meal is separate meal as stated in item nos.30 above.

What are the standard church and legal requirements to get married in the Philippines?

For a list of the church and legal requirements for marriage in the Philippines, you may download this file. Take note that for Full Package clients, GM will only take care of monitoring the submission of church and legal requirements .Relatives or point person of the couple will have to do the procuring and submission of church and legal requirements especially if the couple is based abroad. GM is not obligated to submit church and legal requirements of the couple or source out the required documents in the respective parishes and municipalities of the client. The client will have to take full responsibility in submitting and completing all pertinent church and legal requirements as scheduled by the church and Philippine government..

For On The Day clients, all monitoring and submission of church and legal requirements will be care of the client.