Francis & Marlene Wedding

Wedding of Francis and Marlene… both Doctors and such a sweet chill couple!
@themanilahotel centennial pavillion with about 700 pax. Had a sumptuous lauriat dinner and a smooth program. I had such a great time working with these two who are both doctors. Thanks so much for the trust in making me do full planning with you both

Patrick & Monse Tang Wedding

And so it happened last night that i was able to complete the wedding of 3 lovely sisters from the Vivencio Del Rosario Family ?????? Beginning with Marian married to Boom Gamboa, Regina married to Patrick Santos and finally Monse married last night to Patrick Tang. I feel so blessed , happy and thrilled to be able to do wedding planning and coordination for all the 3 of them. Thanks so much always for your trust and the love. From 2010 to 2017!!!!! ?????? #sukiclients #siblings #ifeelthelove #gettingmarriedphils #weddingplanner #weddings #weddingsphilippines #kutchiezaldarriaga

Lagundi & Tang Wedding

Congratulations to my sweet couple Ray and Roda!!! I had such a pleasant time doing wedding preps with you both !!! I wish you soooo many happy and loving years together. Thank you for having the GM team as full wedding planner #rayrodahappyeverafter #gettingmarriedphils #kutchiezaldarriaga #weddings